Indicative image of an offshore wind farm. North Falls’ design may differ

Onshore project area overview map

The map below provides an overview of the proposed localised changes to the Project’s onshore PEIR boundary. To help explain the proposals we’ve categorised and labelled each of the localised changes. Each category of localised change is also briefly summarised below. More information on each of these can be found in the PEIR Addendum.

The Project’s onshore PEIR boundary is coloured yellow on the overview map, and the Project’s proposed onshore DCO boundary is outlined in red.

  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Access Points: There are 14 locations where O&M access points fall outside the onshore PEIR boundary. These are coloured purple.
  • Temporary Construction Compounds (TCCs): 12 proposed locations for TCCs are located within the onshore PEIR boundary. These are coloured bright green.
  • Bentley Road Improvements: Bentley Road is labelled number 17. More information can be found here.
  • National Grid Connection Point: NGET’s East Anglia Connection Node is the grid connection for the Project and is labelled ‘National Grid Connection Point’.
  • Visibility Splays: 11 visibility splays fall outside the onshore PEIR boundary. These are coloured bright blue.
  • Adjustments to Onshore Cable Corridor: 10 adjustments to the onshore cable corridor are coloured dark blue.
Targeted Consultation
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Yellow box
Onshore PEIR boundary (as of July 2023)
Red outline box
Proposed onshore DCO boundary (as of March 2024)
Black outline box
Numbered label of permanent works, temporary works, and O&M access points
Dark blue box
Onshore cable corridor adjustments
Orange box
Changes relating to temporary construction haul roads
Green box
Bentley Road
Diagonal grid box
The Project’s National Grid Connection Point (NGET’s East Anglia Connection Node)
Light blue box
Visibility splay
Purple box
O&M access point
Green box
Proposed TCC location
Blue vertical line box
North Falls and Five Estuaries’ proposed co-located onshore substation zone

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